Mankus Eco Park

Horse Riding

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Unleash your inner cowboy at Mankus Eco Park

Our horse-riding service is perfect for more experienced riders, as well as for beginners. Our horses are well-trained. Instructors spend the day teaching you the basics of horse riding and having an enjoyable and safe trip in us. Our visitors are welcome to experience the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Mankus Eco Park Offers

Mon - Fri


Horse-riding in the arena 15m

3000 AMD

4000 AMD

Horse-riding in the arena 30m

6000 AMD

8000 AMD

Riding 30m

6000 AMD

8000 AMD

Riding 40m

7000 AMD

9000 AMD

Ride in the forest 60m

9000 AMD

10000 AMD

Ride in the forest 1h 20m

12000 AMD

13000 AMD

Ride in the forest 1h 30m

14000 AMD

15000 AMD

Ride in the forest 2h

18000 AMD

19000 AMD

Horse and instructor for photoshoot 60m

5000 AMD

5000 AMD

What riding skills are necessary?

Provided services are available to both beginners and experienced riders.

What uniform is required?
Are there any special hours for riding?